Monday, March 15, 2010

Still In Perth.....
Yes I am still away from home... Yes I am going to go home... hahahaha
My jaw has finally stopped aching from all that work last week and the bottom tooth has to heal and it will take 3 months...... infected in the bone.....
Today is my doctors appointment so we will see what those tests tell us.... tomorrow skin check up to see how this nose is going...
I have been to Spotlight and stocked up on sewing cotton and embroidery thread... got a stack of fat quarters for our ''belated xmas party'' and a few odds and ends for games...
Well I suppose I best get those walking shoes on and do my 2 laps around the oval...
Oh... I finished appliqueing my animal blocks while here.. but pic's when I get home..
Luv T xxx


  1. I wonder if there is anything left in Spotlight!!!!
    Happy Monday.

  2. After all that dental work you deserve to have a good spend up in Spottie...well done and I hope your bone in your jaw heals up real quick. Must be so painful and not nice at all to have. hugs