Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Chase Could Have Been On.....
I just went to turn the pump off that gives us water to the house and I looked across at the paddock behind the house and saw one of the rams down... thinking it was dead I thought I'd best go check and who else do I see there.... the BIG BLACK GRUMPY STEER.... well if i keep this side of the ram and the trough and if I just get close enough to see if the ram is dead then I wont have to deal with the BIG BLACK GRUMPY STEER... BUGGER the ram is still alive and I see another down as well... GEEZ... maybe the BIG BLACK GRUMPY STEER will ignore me... so far so good... one ram back up on it's feet and that is no mean feat as they weigh a tonne... now to skirt around the tree while the BIG BLACK GRUMPY STEER is still laying down in the shade... OOPS ^%$%@## he is up... well I am just going to have to risk it... now I have the other ram up on it's feet... the BIG BLACK GRUMPY STEER is pawing the ground and it looks like the ball tap on the trough is blocked and not much water is coming out maybe just maybe.... &^%^$^ run Tarnyia... geez you just don't know how far away that fence is when you need to be on the other side of it... lucky he was only bluffing and just stayed pawing the ground hahahahahahahaha... at least I have the two rams on their feet... the trough I will check later when the BIG BLACK GRUMPY STEER isn't there...

This block is hot off the sewing machine and it is for Mary Chow from Canada... she requested teals and neutrals... Mary and I have both joined a block swap here


  1. LOL............can so relate to stories like this...........LOL........

  2. Scarey stuff for sure Tarnyia! Glad that steer didnt chase you.
    Your block is perfect...:)

  3. Oh my..... those grumpy steers are best given a wide berth...

  4. I heard there is a new 100mtr dash record WA ?? Who could it be? ummm.
    Nice block after all that exercise!
    Merry Christmas! :)

  5. Whew!! Glad you're safe...thank heavens for adrenalin LOL