Sunday, December 26, 2010

 What A Great Day....
Family Friends Food Fireworks... oh and Drink

 oooooo aaaahhhhh ohohohoh
 ooooo wow oooo
 wow oh oooo
 and of course the ham... recipe by???? cook by me...
maple and apricot jam and crushed hazelnuts
smelt soooooo good in the oven
 and our famous 'bush Christmas tree''
I think a fair bit of squeezing went on by one daughter!!!!
and my very merry runner from Lorna in Canada...
Hope you all had a great day and aren't to sun burnt or hung over or toooo over fed...



  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day. we did too.
    Love the BUSH tree. We used to always have one like that when we lived in Kambalda.

  2. love the real trees but I have a fake one as the kids want to put it up early........MIL had a real one so that was good.......

  3. Hi Tarnyia, sounds like you had a great Christmas, that welcoming rain would have made it for me!
    I made your Grandad's Christmas Ice Cream and just wanted to let you know this recipe will be made again!!
    Happy New Year.