Monday, December 06, 2010

Home Again....
After spending a week in Perth packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning I needed a rest but........... now we are trapping goats... I am a person in demand...
My middle daughter and her partner have bought a house... a beautiful house with large rooms and a yard which is rare these days as so many want a big house with lots of rooms and a big outside entertaining area leaving no area for a lawn or garden... this house has it all...
Then we had to clean the rental and we are not messy or unclean people but it took us 8 1/2 hours... these property managers can be quite uuuummmm the word I would like to use is tttttoooooo rude and the one we have been dealing with lately is a real &%@^&... and that place was gleaming and we just knew she would find something wrong and she did.... wait for it........... the light switches were not clean???? now why would we wash the walls and miss those????
Turned out when daughter and partner had to go back and clean them that it was only the one in the garage??? OH and there was poo on the patio!!!! we didn't have a pet so obviously that wasn't there the day we cleaned....
so glad we are out of there...

Something Nice...
Well while the dollar was so good and my stash was lacking large printed fabrics I went shopping on the net at the Fat Quarter Shop...
Bright and cheery

Most are half yardage... the star fabric is to be used on my string quilt as I thought the dark background would be a better choice and the star's were all the colours used in the quilt...

So very pretty... and I see that the Fat Quarter Shop has some Amy Butler in and I told hubby yesterday that I need danger money with these goats as some are very jumpy and my head seems to be the right height for them to aim for... and I said about $100 US would do it as the 3 fat quarter bundles were about $30.25 US each... he didn't say no so maybe there will be shopping again.... heheheheheh


  1. looks like a lot of fabric fun...

  2. Nice fabric you got! :0)

  3. having rented myself and also moved daughters I know it can be so ridiculous what is expected - especially as almost always the house is not in such an amazing condition when moving in!! Lovely fabric and that makes things much better doesn't it??

  4. Yes some property mangers are anal.
    Where has your DD moveed to in Perth. My DD2 has recently moved into their new home.We helped with the painting.
    Lovely new stash you got.

  5. Hello Tarnyia,

    Oh I am sure that real estate person used to work in Kal.!!! I am sure they must all be cloned.
    Good luck with pressing the button for buying more fabric.
    Happy stashing.

  6. Jumping goats? Yes, danger money required. I can't wait to get my new Amy Butler fabric. Looks like you got some great fabrics.