Wednesday, June 01, 2011

No Sewing Happening......
Had an emergency rush to Perth... last months birthday boy had emergency surgery to have his appendix removed on Monday night...
so I am in Perth for a week or so...
he was very lucky as a ''trainee doc'' said he was ok and and could go home... so we turned around and headed back home then we get a call that a head surgeon just saw him and said it was his appendix and they were coming out now... lucky as they weren't very nice when he went in...
he is now out as they need the bed hahaha
Luv T xxx


  1. Oh.... lucky he got sorted in time.... wish him well....I hope you get to have some fun in Perth while you are there....

  2. So glad everything turned out okay Tarnyia...after such a crazy experience. Hope your son is feeling better very soon.

  3. Hope your son heals quickly. Same thing happened to my DIL.3 times she went to hospital before they took it out and then they did the same thing 12 months later with her gallbladder.ARGHH!
    Do you still get to spend some time in Perth or is it straight back home now he is out?

  4. Pleased your son was still in hospital. They sent my DH home and a week later it was an emergency op.wish him a speedy recovery.
    Did you get to do any fun things while in the big smoke???

  5. Give him a big kiss from me.. and say get completely well soon!
    Take care! :)

  6. I do hope your little fellow recovers quickly..praying he'll be out playing in no time!

  7. Wow you have been busy and I bet worried but all is ok now..blessings to your boy

  8. Hello Tarnyia,

    Hope your son is feeling so much better. Enjoy the time in Perth, happy shopping.