Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Morning....
we had ''fog''
this one was taken at 7.46 am
this one at 8.25 am...
its creeping in slowly
and didn't clear until about 10 am... and what a pain as I had the dishwasher to put on plus I had towels in the washing machine that needed to go out and I really would have like to have washed the quilt on my sons bed... those bloody cats had been on it and left their bloody black fur over it even though I have a sheet on it for them?????? GEEZ
so with the lack of sun today I have put off washing it.... we are have solar power so I didn't want to use those big power hungry things hahahahaha

I have also done another batch of Marmalade
and this lot set a lot better than the other...
yesterday I spent the afternoon sewing the 4th row of my "row by row" which was themed ''birds''and joined it to my other rows
I am quite happy how it turned out...
I think this will end up a single bed quilt for a future Grandie maybe hahahaha no pressure what so ever on my kids at all hahahahahaha...


  1. oh T .... wow .... I love the row by row ... it is gorguss ... those birdhouses ... wow ... love them ...

  2. You won't know yourself when you move and you can wash whenever.

    Your RBR looks gorgeous. I just love birdhouses.

  3. The Row by row turn very beautiful. I love it.
    You have only solar power for all things ???

  4. Yea. we have had horrible foggy mornign too.... and I had washed a doona.... Your Row by Row is stunning.... love it lots...

  5. Love the row by row. We do take things for granted in the city. I can taste that marmalade. LOL!

  6. you have been very busy that marmalade looks yummy,and what cute birdhouses,well done