Saturday, November 26, 2011

Night Flowers a Finish and Swap...
last night as I was going to bed I could smell a wonderful perfume and then thought I must get the camera... this is my Moon Flower plant it only flowers at night so mostly I miss them... it is the most ugliest... huge plant in my garden and I have had it for many many years... but when it flowers they are so beautiful and this year it is covered it flowers...
 just wonderful
 the perfume is wonderful
 and they are so beautiful...
I finished my '' Christmas Sew a Long Banner"
 I must say I am very pleased with my finished project...
 since starting in blogland and a few swaps via sites I have started to get a few christmassie things to put on display...
 I never really worried to much about things around the house as we have so much red dust that clings to things...... but what the hell it's Christmas...
 and this is the block I wished for from Cathy...
Cathy is my November partner for QBSA
I just love it... thank you Cathy for being my partner...


  1. Hi Tarnyia, Glad you like the block I made - I enjoyed making it ;-)
    SNAP - I have the same plant, but yours flowers more than mine - what is your secret?
    I have recently posted about my flowers here -

  2. What lovely flowers Tarnyia pity they don't last long Love the Christmas banner it looks great I have one more to finish before putting it together.
    Val x

  3. your christmas banner looks wonderful.........

  4. I love your Christmas banner, you're right, we need to do special things for Christmas and a bit of red dust will wash out. Love your flourishing moon flower too.

  5. The Christmas banner is awesome... so cheerful.... great block and I do love those flowers... we have one too but I have never seen it so full of flowers....

  6. The moon flower brings back memories of my Mum's garden in Perth - she had the same one. And i love the Christmas banner - very cute and so much stitching!

  7. Wow what a beautiful flower. I am not sure I have heard of moon flowers. Thinking I need some of those in my garden.
    I love your banner. The stitching is beautiful.

  8. What beautiful flowers. I have never seen moon flowers. Your Christmas banner is just lovely

  9. Fantastic flowers, beautiful blue banner and lovely block. Hugs

  10. The Moon Flowers are just gorgeous.
    Love your Chrismas Banner Tarnyia. I am only on my 4th block. Must hurry.

  11. Don't you just love the moon flowers! I love mine, and it bloomed twice this year!

  12. Hello Tarnyia,

    Oh that moon flower looks divine, must be tough to grow up your way. Christmas banner is beautiful. I remember my niece seeing pictures of Peter's station, she said they have dust!!!!
    Have a great Sunday arvo.
    Happy days.

  13. Tarnyia i love your xmas banner,well done

  14. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!