Saturday, November 12, 2011

the weather was telling us that it had been kind to all in our region for long enough and was time to get the heat cranked up for summer.... 38 it was!!!! but the next few days it is mid 30's... the heat doesn't bother me that much and as long as I can go swimming in the pool I am a happy girl (mind you the pool needs water) and last night the first sarong came out for the days ahead...
even though it was that ''warm'' I still did a little sewing with my trusty fan blowing on me BUT if the heat is here the little air conditioner for my sewing room will be starting its summer run...

yesterday I made this little wristlet bag
 this one I made a lot quicker than the first so now I am thinking I could probably cut a few out and do them all at once now...
and I made my first apron...
this fabric is so gorgeous... and the pattern was so easy... just plain no pockets...
I have been thinking as to why we stopped using aprons... I tell you they would save our clothes from all those food splatters while cooking... this one is a pressy and I will be making one for me as well...


  1. Love the little wallet and the apron T I am an old fashion girl I always wear aprons mind you that's only because I am a messy one lol if there's anything to spill I will
    Have a lovely day.

  2. 38C !!!! Yuck! I am so not ready for summer! Love hte little purse - seriously cute and the apron- I keep meaning to make some for myself - maybe after Christmas!

  3. I love your little purse. It's awesome! We are cold here. Last week was snow storms and this week back to Fall colors and raking leaves.

  4. Love the cute bag, and the apron. I must be old fashioned too as I wear an apron when I cook, things like spaghetti bolognaise always splash on me and those stains are hard to remove. I wear an old Adelaide Crows one which has seen better days so I should get cracking and make myself a pretty one like this.

  5. You are sooo right.. we should all wear aprons. LoVe the purse too.. great colour! :)

  6. Cute little bag and great apron.
    Oh No it is getting hot for you.But as you say we can't complain. It has been very pleasent weather so far.

  7. Hello Tarnyia,

    38 is not nice, we have had the most beautiful weather I think 28 has been the highest, we all know things will change. Love the wristlet bag,I have seen these and always wanted to make one. Aprons are so useful, my SIL wears them. Hope you have some cooler weather for sewing.
    happy days.

  8. Anonymous8:26 AM

    lovely projects there Tarnyia,well done