Monday, November 14, 2011

No Room In The Inn Bush...
This year due to the heavy rains and a wonderful season the birds have been very busy breeding...
there isn't room in the bush so the next best thing is....
 the toilet stack

 a hanging shell basket
 and the chimes on the veranda...
 I put the hose in the garden bed to water and some one else thought it was bath time
 a baby Willy Wag Tail... the parent didn't like me getting to close and was swooping my head...
My partner for  November at QBSA is Cathy...
and she wished for any block in gold, red, brown, creams or soft green...
the red fabric had most of these colours and the background is a gold like fabric...


  1. How gorgeous Tarynia are your photos....I am so glad Summer is here though. Lovely block.

  2. oh I have some baby willy wagtails right at my back door........what sore of other birds do you have nesting there.......

  3. Oh you lucky duck - how fun to have the nests so close - enjoy!

  4. It's amazing where the birds build there nests at your place. Especially as you have NO trees around. LOL

    I love Willy's we have two visit us all the time on the patio.

    Lovely block you made Cathy

  5. The birds have most certainly been busy around your house

  6. These pics are fabulous Tarnyia :) How special to have the birds build thier nests near :) Gorgeous block too :) Hugs Vicki x

  7. You have birds nesting everywhere! They sure get creative finding places to lay their eggs! :0)

  8. Isn't nature inventive!
    LoVe Cathy's block..great fabric choice! :)