Thursday, May 03, 2012

Around My Backyard...

This little lamb was born in the sheep yards during shearing last week and was so weeny that Hubby decided to let mum and baby out to bond... she was far to small to stress out...
 and she has grown in the last week
 but she is still so weeny that she has a hard time catching up with mum...
 there are two troughs out of the back of the house in two separate paddocks and the goats like coming in there each morning for a drink...
 usually there are about 200 goats come in for a drink
 but on Tuesday morning there would have been nearly 400...
 and they didn't care about me watching
 there were mainly billies
and gee do they make a load of noise...


  1. "Weeny" is much cuter than all the goats, especially the Billies.....

  2. It is such fun watching weeny lambs on their wobbly legs... are those the wild billies?

  3. Such a cute little lamb, I hope he makes it. Are the goats free ranging ones? Do you sell them off when the flock becomes too huge. I bet those billies are smelly.

  4. thankyou Tarnyia for the pics of life on a farm,its very interesting.xx

  5. Awe...that little lamb is so cute! :0)

  6. Yep, that little lamb is very cute. I would be no good on a farm - I would be wanting to pet everything!

  7. great photos of your life in the sheds and on the land.......

  8. Oh my she is so little. Glad she's doing ok.