Friday, April 27, 2012

It Has Been Busy Around Here...

Shearing has been happening and is now over and hopefully it was our last and the next one will be the new owners... nothing signed yet but very very very close... happy dancing...
these are the pet sheep being shorn... the shearer asked me if he had any in his pen... I said all the sheep in these pens are pets... yes I do have a few hehehehe...
 hubby watching over them...
can you see him up there?
 and some one decided our son should leave his mark???
that is him holding the can of marking spray but he didn't write it... even the daughters border collie got some blue on her white bits... children just can't help themselves...
 trying very hard to get a photo of the first lamb born in the pet flock
 but Mum was being very protective...
 and Lucy was feeling left out...
 this is the first ever Dresden plate block I have ever made and I was a little nervous...
it is for my swap for the month of April here
 and this is the block I received for my March swap
 and I was lucky to get two blocks from Richard...


  1. Love the blocks... both coming and going. And a lot of my relatives were it was great to relive the experience. Thanks :)

  2. so big changes for you almost there.... great to see the pictures.. they will be wonderful for special memories.... lovely blocks too

  3. Great photos! and great blocks!

  4. boy lots going on at your place Tarnyia,great to see how a farm works,love your dresden plate,well done.xx

  5. The lamb is a cutie, as they all are. Fantastic to have sheep as pets! the blocks are great, & you are very organised to have your scraps in ice cream containers, love those blocks too... x

  6. Love the sheepy pics. I made my first Dresden plate block recently....not sure I'll ever do another, yours looks so much better!

  7. Great pics Tarnyia and I can see what you mean by busy. I loved seeing a slice of our Aussie bush life so thanks. I hope all goes well for you and you are soon on the move to greener pastures so to speak. Lovely blocks too!

  8. Lovely pics and hope the sale goes through for you and all goes well..your blocks look great...

  9. Thanks for sharing pictures of the shearing process. I have a long-haired cat who needs to be shaved. Could I send him your way?

  10. My Nan was a cook on a sheep station called Booborowi, in the southern Flinders ranges. I can remember staying at the station on the school holidays and watching the shearers. I can still remember the smell of those sheep.

  11. Busy time on the station Tarnyia..
    Cute new lamb.

    Lotof lovely blocks too.