Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Finish...

I am with another group of ladies that are made up of mainly Aussies and a few Canadians...
over the last few years we have been doing a swap called Block Lotto...
were a theme or colour is nominated by a winner we all make six blocks each 
 a winner is pulled out of the hat so to speak...
I have been lucky enough to win a few of these rounds...
one theme was "orange and grey" and I did win that round
 I had the top made and sandwiched before we moved
and I just ran out of time...
 so it was packed up along with everything else

and it has been sitting out on a box for weeks now...
so I spent the last two days quilting it in the ditch and binding it.
Thank you ladies for my winnings...
now what to make with my other winnings?


  1. congrats on your win, and congrats on a finish too! I am also a member of a Block Lotto group, but our group is very international - I have won a few times myself .... LOL it is wonderful to be on the winning side :)

  2. Sounds like a fun idea. Great finish and I like the colours....not a combo seen very often.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. that has come up beautifully T ... I really need to put some of my winnings into a quilt or two ...

    the colours really do go well together ...

    hugs ...

  4. Nice win and finish. It a lovely colour combination Tarniya.

  5. How great is that. Your winnings look wonderful x

  6. this is gorgeous Tarnyia i love it,the colours are wonderful.xx

  7. it's come together beautifully.

  8. A lovely finish, very modern

  9. A lovely finish, very modern

  10. it looks great...........wouldn't think to do orange and grey........but it looks nice......

  11. I love your quilt!

  12. This quilt is yummy. Love the colors and the design. I have never heard of the Block Lotto. It sounds like fun. genie