Saturday, January 04, 2014

So Much To Show...

The computer broke down so I wasn't able to post anything and I have quite a few photos of before Christmas and during and after...
Now that the patio was up it was time for the flooring...
getting ready
 the first load
 all down and drying off...
no furniture yet but we could walk on it...
 sealed and in use
 everyone including the dogs enjoying the shade...
 for the first time in 34 years I have a tree in my window that can be seen by people driving by
I know what your thinking but this is a new experience for us... hahaha
 we had a Christmas Elf...
 trying to keep him happy 
 and sitting
 as I haven't quite mastered sitting by myself yet
 but I did manage...
 my six item swap partner Shez spoilt me once again with my 
''something under the tree'' parcel...
just gorgeous Shez and you are so generous ( notice the colours)
 my daughter and sil included this tea towel in my parcel from them...
it is far to nice to use as a tea towel and have been wondering what I could use it for?
any ideas?
 we and the 'Christmas Elf" hope you all had 
a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year 


  1. How cute is your little elf! Enjoy the new patio Tarnyia.

  2. what an awesome patio Tarnyia you will get a lot of use from that and how lovely you have a tree in your window,yes i understand your joy,lol.
    And that is the cutest xmas elf i have ever seen,he has grown so much,and i am glad you like your gifts,happy new year my friend.xx

  3. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Very CuTie little ELF you have! :)

  4. Oh what a gorgeous Elf visiting your place Tarnyia .
    How ice to be enjoying the new patio and I berthed ops love it too.
    Lots of lovelies from Shez...
    You could make an apron from the pretty tea towel.

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  6. Stupid iPad... Not the operator..LOL.

    How nice to be enjoying the new patio. Bet the dogs love it too.

  7. Such a cute little elf! Lovely patio and sure to get a good work out during Summer. Beautiful gifts from Shez.