Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Little Visitor...

This weekend in Perth was very hot... 
not unusual heat for Hubby and I 
as we came from a place that has an average of 45 most of January and February...
and because we now have air conditioning we had the little family come and stay
plus we have the pool... both got used very well over the weekend...
 and since Christmas
 I have learnt to sit up by myself...
 All the feed around the block has dried off 
so we are now feeding the pets
 Little Man wanted to help Lucy eat her hay
 and decided
 he might like to try some too
 and have a ride on Lucy...
 I have finished the top of Little Man's quilt
 the backing is washed just needs ironing
 and now to decide on the quilting...
There have been awful fires not far from us but far enough away not to effect us
50 homes have been lost...
On Sunday by 10 am it was 41 and the wind was up 
I did say to Hubby there will be a fire today...
either start by someone or just start by nature
sadly I was right...


  1. Oh nice to be in your new home with the Air con and pool. Great that the family can visit and have fun too.
    Great photos of the "Little Man" feeding the pets and having a ride..
    Love his quilt. Nice colour choice Tarnyia.

  2. What a gorgeous boy! Those fires are dreadful. I am glad you are safe. Nice to have a way to keep cool in that awful heat.

  3. Oops! Forgot to say...lovely quilt too xx

  4. lovely pics of your little man and I just love the colours you have used in the quilt... the whole thing is gorgeous.... horrible fires, I always get the shivers hearing about them...

  5. Lovely pics of the little man, what a cutie! It was a stinker on the weekend, I definately struggled in it. We used to live up in Parkerville/Stoneville, infact on one of the streets that had 5 houses lost so it is very sad to hear of the devastation.

  6. Very beautiful boy and quilt !
    My little Robinson would be happy near you, he is passionate about sheep !!!

  7. Glad to hear you're safe. Lovely photos of the little guy!

  8. love seeing how much your little guy has grown.xx