Monday, July 20, 2009

Wintry Rain
It's raining ''again'' but I/we are not complaining as this is the first year in nine years... yes ''nine years'' that we have had winter rain... there are puddles and mud but who cares... all that is missing is three little kids to play in it... D1 D2 S1 where are you there is puddles for you... mmmm maybe Mum will have to play.................................

300 Little Baskets??
Yes that is right ''300'' to make this quilt. I have joined my friend Beatrice and her friend Nat at we are each going to make this wonderful quilt. The blocks are 51/2 inches and the baskets are appliqued... The plan is to do 5 baskets a week which I will endeavour to do.
The quilt looks fantastic on this bed and I love the colours used... I am using a ''silver sage green'' for my background and I am thinking of red, orange, yellow and maybe a touch of blue for the baskets... I will see once my fabric arrives.
This is the book needed for the ''basket challenge''... It has many more fantastic applique patterns in it for some great quilts... Go check out Nat's blog.
Luv T xxx


  1. I can't wait to see your selected palette in life !

  2. Could I have the ISBN number for this book. I would love to order it and do this quilt. Thank you