Tuesday, December 04, 2012

WOW it has been awhile...

It has... but I have been doing heaps and back and forth to Perth...
I now have my car back all pretty from her trip to the ''car plastic surgeon'' no little dings from kangaroos are visible now either and no evidence of the car accident...
Christmas sewing has been happening and a lot of that has been secret... mind you I just seem to be having trouble getting into the ''organising of it'' Christmas that is... I am so behind with present shopping and ordering hams and turkeys... I need to find my "Christmas Spirit" or maybe an injection of it... you watch I will do a mad panic a week before and start sorting houses for guests and it will be in the mid 40's heat wise... ho hum hahahahahah
two Xmas mug rug pressies...
 this mug rug is for a swap theme ''toys...
 block lotto blocks theme 
"yellow flowers and blue borders" each side to be a different blue...
 swap blocks in and out

 in between ''secret sewing'' 
I have been doing some more spiderweb blocks with my ever growing pile of scraps...
 19 new ones...
 8 swaps ones that I have received...
another 16 that I had already made... 
one day they will all be another large quilt I just need to keep adding more... 
grey centres and scraps webs is the theme for these...
 and looky looky looky... 
this was my stash I received in a bonbon swap isn't the heat mat just gorgeous...
we are going to be Grandparents

this was at 9 weeks
and I went along to the 12 week scan
and my oh my how wonderful to see they even do a 3D one
we are so excited
due first week of June...
baby will be 4+ months old at their wedding... 
little bit of an unplanned pregnancy
but very much wanted and loved...


  1. Lovely to have you back on air..Lots going on in your neck of the woods. Congrats on your upcoming little grandie... There is nothing better.

  2. I love what you have made and I am still working on my scrappy spiderweb... but I am so excited about the grandiebaby... how wonderful... congrats to all...

  3. Congratulations on the new grandchild. I bet you can't wait!

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    congrats tarnyia we are to at the same time as you,you will love being a grandma.xx

  5. Wow a lot of work !
    Congrats future grandma ! hahaha !

  6. Congratulations to all for the grandbaby! You have been busy! I'm feeling a bit the same about Christmas, although I do have a couple of quilted projects I've made for Christmas presents so at least I don't have to come up with an idea for a present!

  7. Congratulations on the new babe..

    You have been very busy Tarnyia..
    Love the echo quilting on the mug rug.
    Your Spider Web Blocks look great. that's a good idea to use up your scraps as you go...

    Hmmm like you I still need to get the Christmas spirit. Maybe when I put up some decorations it will be better..

  8. WooHoo... congrats to Mum and Dad... AND to the new grandparents!
    What a wonderful 2013 with this wonderful event! :)

  9. Congratulations! We are going to be first time grandparents too..at the end of May or the first week in June..just like you! We haven't seen an ultrasound yet..and it will be a little Taiwanese baby.

  10. congratulations on becoming grandies .... weddings and babies ... your year is going to be so exciting ... extra happy for you hun ....

    grandbabies are truly the best thing ever ... even better than your own kids .... if i had known how great they were ... i would have had them first .... true !!!!