Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Some Of The Best Things In Life....

 I managed to do some FNWF
its been months and months 
but I totally enjoyed the two time zones...
 the start of a Flamingo quilt, pattern from 
(Toni has fantastic patterns, 
easy follow instructions, full size for tracing and wonderfully priced)
 a little bit of crocheting
and I got to spend a bit of time with these two
 In the Chittering Valley where I live 
there is an abundance of fruit to be picked at orchards 
 this little fella has a broken foot and is in a moonboot
we took it off so he could have a walk through some water flowing over the road....
the water was freezing and turned the injured foot quite red /0\
back at Chuck and Yaya's it was time to bake cookies!!
one stacks his and pinches the chocolate chips out and the other lines them up
and actually takes bites out of the dough...
they're happy and life at Yaya's is a 
Little Bit Naughty...


  1. Love the flamingos and your granny squares too.
    Looks like the boys have a wonderful time at Chucks and Yaya's place.

  2. That's sounds so funny with the little ones. Hope his foot heals well.

  3. Your work is lovely. The boys look very happy, getting messy and baking, what's not to like :)

  4. Everyone knows that what happens at Grandparents stays at Grandparents! Precious little fellows.
    The flamingos look pretty, well done x

  5. The little boys are such cuties! So fun how they each have their own way of doing the cookies. The flamingo quilt looks like it will be lovely.

  6. It was Nice to see your name on the list again Tarnyia.
    Thanks for popping by xox