Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Block Five...
I am loving Vicki's Flirting With Flowers... and I am so happy that I chose the little fabric pack I had it is very bright and very cheery and of course there was a lime green in there... block six might be up on Vicki's today... wonder what it will be?
If you pop over to Bev's blog at Kainga Happenings you will find she is having a give away celebrating her 200th post... she is giving away a lovely little stitchery pattern with some embroidery thread.... why am telling you all this as I want to win it hehehehehe...
Go look as it is drawn on the 6th June...
I have been up since 10 to 5 this morning and it is nearly 6.30 and I can see it is just getting light out side and I can feel the chilly coming in as the sun comes up... the last few days have been what we call ''tourist weather'' but we haven't had any tourists hahaha...
Luv T xxxx


  1. Very beautiful block, love your bright colours.

  2. Love your block Tarnyia...the colours are really beaut :) I hope you like block 6 too :)

  3. I agree with all , the colours you've used are great !

  4. Hello Tarnyia, I have been 'directed' to your wonderful site by my sister Bev at Kainga Happenings.
    What beautiful work you do and such wonderful colours in your fabrics and designs. I am not a sewer or quilter - only started to teach myself to knit a couple of winters ago!!
    However I do love to garden, cook and preserve. And last week I went to a cheese making course. I will be making that at home; it was so much fun.
    I wanted to tell you I made your Tangy Lemon Slice last night. Oh, it's to die for. I took some to work for smoko this morning; needless to say there was none left for the boys afternoon smoko!!!! Delish. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    I will be visiting again soon.
    Chris xx

  5. Hello Tarnyia,

    When is the recipe book coming out??? I see royalty has been visiting you-Homespun Magazine,gosh you won't need tourists you will be doing the cooking/sewing tour of Oz. Have a great day.

  6. oooo that looks so lovely Tarnyia love the colours

  7. Love that block! So cheerful...I am so new to blogging and quilting...will I ever be able to make something like that? You are a talent. Thanks for sharing!