Friday, June 04, 2010

WIP's To Be Finished 2010... No.5
Now to say sorry for the lack of flash in these photo's... just not sure why it didn't go off... these block patterns I got from the IFQ site when it was there birthday and I think it was the 5th birthday for the site... and I just had to make the butterfly and I needed something else to go in there.....
Done out of my scrap boxes of pink and purple oh yes a little bit of lime... just a dash though...
Who is it for............ who knows... it will be in my finished box of gifts for birthdays/Christmas/friendships.... it is quite cute and would make a great floor rug for a new baby girl...
I am so happy to have another one quilted and binded and the list getting shorter... this week I have also finished quilting another one and only have the binding to sew down... and it's not on the list but I will tell you why when I post a photo of it all finished... hahahaha
Luv T xxx


  1. It looks fabulous and I loveeee the colours :)

  2. What a lovely girly quilt Tarnyia it looks fantastic love the colours too, my you are getting through your wips

  3. Hello Tarnyia, you are working through your quilts like super fast!!! Enjoying the colours and love Sunbonnet Sue. Happy Days.