Monday, October 25, 2010

Bits and Pieces...
How bad am I.... a few weeks ago... yes a few weeks ago I received my first swap from the Quilting Blocks Swap Australia
and my partner was Cheryll
and this is the fantastic block she made for me..

I am asking for stars done in red and aqua as I have a vision of a whole quilt in stars of these colours... I just like the colour combination and have seen many different quilts in magazines using this and they do have a bit of a WOW factor about them...
Thank you Cheryll xxx

And this little cutie is part of a quilt for a special friend and I can't show you anymore as she don't know about it...
but once she has it in her hot little hands I will reveal more...

This is a hexie swap that I am doing over at IFQ and this is the second one that I have made... I have decided that when I make one for my partner I will make one for me also... that way I get more added to my pile a lot quicker...
They are so easy to make and so quick...

My middle daughter or should I say ''our'' has been home for a week and is heading back to Perth today... her Dad has had her busy hunting dingo's down our south end with him and she has been catching up on some sleep...
she is a Nanny and the little fella she looks after is 18 months and she has had him since he was 3 months old... he is a real cutie..
she heads back today to pick her partner up from the plane.. her works away on a oil rig...


  1. I like that sunbonnet Sue, Can't wait to see the whole thing. I just signed up for the Hex swap on IFQ. I should get my first partner pretty soon. I think these will be fun to make and collect.

  2. Can you show us a picture of the red-aqua quilts you see & love, please ?
    Your Sunbonnet is beautiful.

  3. I think SunBonnet Sue is sooo cute. Love using her!

  4. love the sunbonnet sue! and the block from cheryll is fab! enjoy having your daughter home

  5. Hello Tarnyia,

    Great blocks and hexies. It is a great idea to make one for yourself at the same time. Sunbonnet Sue is beautiful,there is something timeless about that pattern. Glad to hear your middle daughter enjoyed time on the station.
    happy days.