Friday, October 08, 2010

I am Home....
After being away for mmmmmmm was it 12 days hahaha I thought it about time to get home... no really I was due home on Wednesday and came home that day... I left at 5.30am and was home early afternoon... set the new computer up only to find all my email address have gone boohoo and all my saved sites in my favourites has gone too... I did ask the fella to transfer it all... oh well neva mind I am slowly building my addresses back up... I think it is because we have change to Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook... but hey I don't really care as long as I can blog and catch up on what you all have been doing...
I have a busy few days coming up doing block swaps... first I must unpack all my crap and new crap so I can start... hubby fixed my sewing table... it was sagging in the middle as it needed another leg as my new sewing machine ''the purple beast'' is a wee bit heavy for it.....I went to Ikea and got another leg he has attached it this afternoon so now I can unpack the sewing machines...
Hopefully I will have a few pic's for you over the weekend... fabric... new lambs... oh and some sewing...
Luv T xxx


  1. welcome home so pleased you are back hope at least you had some rest while away
    Hugs Val

  2. welcome back...looking forward to seeing your pics

  3. welcome home and glad you are getting set back up! have fun crafting again

  4. Hello Tarnyia,

    Welcome home. I hope to see what you bought while you were away,please don't tell me you only bought a leg!!!!
    Happy Sunday.