Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Award.... For Me
The lovely Jan-Maree at Cherry Red Quilter has awarded me this
Thank you and thank you for thinking of me...

you need to go check out her blog as she is one of those ladies who is always busy and this past few weeks she has been make quilts for Queensland along with a few of her friends... and some of them are just gorgeous and cute...
I now need to choose 6 other bloggers who I think have ''stylish blogs'' 
and there are soooooo many of you out there...
the chosen ones are
Jolanda... atelier-arte

Now some of these ladies might not want to follow on with the award but that is okay... I just want them to know how much I enjoy there blogs...
Now I must tell you 7 things about me...
1. I taught my children via School of the Air
2. I was born in England and came to Australia when I was 6 months old... 
and I am still not Australian hahaha
3. I love swimming... especially naked hahahaha
4. Chocolate is my biggest downfall
5. I have taught myself to patchwork... no classes out here
6. I did gymnastics as a child and loved it and now I can't do any sport 
due to bad hips and operations on them
7. I wish I lived in blogland then I could visit you all in person and have a cuppa
geez that was hard...


  1. Congratulaltions Tarnyia, call in for a cuppa anytime.
    Happy days.

  2. Great ,well done isn't that nice,have a lovely day xx