Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shearing Is Over...
But was it the last one for us???
It's the pets turn in the shed to be shorn...

 Our classer of the wool...

 Naked pets...
Our middle daughter and her partner were up for shearing and they have Joe's sister...
she has longer hair than Joe and her coat is so soft...

 Cleo is her name... and they have had the best time playing and over in the sheep yards...
Cleo left this morning to go home to Perth (and have a bath)... Joe is so tired he is under my computer table on my feet sound asleep...
Below is the start of my son's 21st memory quilt...
I have been doing a little each day during shearing when I have had a spare half hour here and there...
at the moment I have it pinned onto a sheet... my make shift design wall... 
now I can see how it is looking and will be able to play around with it as I make stars...
today I will print out more photo's...
the larger stars are 12 1/2in and the smaller are 6 1/2in...


  1. Loving your son's memory quilt - how lovely this is going to be once it is finished! What a treasure! Give Joe a scratch for me!

  2. Your memory quilt is going to be awesome. I love the colors and the whole idea. It will be so special for your son.

  3. I too love your memory quilt, it will be wonderful. XO

  4. Shearing time is very busy on the station. Bet you are all pleased it's over.
    Your son's quilt is just

  5. I admired your shearing! We just have 3 sheep and 3 lambs..., soon we have to do it. I would like to use the wool with a friend of mine. Your memory quilt is beautiful:)

  6. Tarnyia the blocks look great what a lovely 21st present

  7. shearing starts today here.....I hope for your sake that is the last shearing..........

  8. Your star blocks are looking great Tarnyia.

  9. Oh my shearing sure looks like alot of work. What a wonderfule idea to make your son a memory quilt. I just love it.

  10. Hello Tarnyia,

    Loved the shearing shed pictures. Hope you get a great price for the wool. Memory quilt is terrific,love the star blocks.
    Happy Monday.

  11. What a wonderful "special" quilt for your son! It certainly will be full of memories! Nice work! :)

  12. Shearing sheep must be a ton of work. Your puppy dogs are adorable and I think your memory quilt will look fantastic.

  13. I miss that time of the year. I grew up on a wheat and sheep farm. Shearing time was my favorite time. I now live on a dairy and beef farm. Totally different

  14. Love the shearing photos, your life is so different from mine