Sunday, April 03, 2011

My It Has Been A Little While...
But I have been busy even though when I look around here it doesn't appear to look like it....
My ''mexican rose'' outside the dining room is in flower and has butterflies all over it...

Trying to get a close up of the butterflies is a bit difficult with them moving and the closer I got they would move...
I have several ice cream containers near my cutting table table 
so that I can add strips from projects that I work on... 
the aim is to make strip blocks out of them... 
I also cut up used computer/fax paper into 6 1/2 inch squares to use as the foundation
every now and then I spend a couple of days trying to decrease the containers... but they always seem to be overflowing... especially some colours... orange doesn't seem to be a colour that I use much?  these are all then put away for a future quilt... and I feel better that I have recycled the paper and used up some more of ''those scraps'' and haven't wasted any fabric and eventually I will have a quilt or two....

someone wants to say hello
and here he is with his Dad
he annoys him all the time... Baz jumps up onto the tray of the work ute to get away from him hehehe
but he is really good with him... he doesn't bite him just grows when he has had enough and Joe knows its time to ''back away''
Hubby is busy mustering sheep... we start shearing on the 11th... we have plenty of feed not enough sheep the dingo's are closing in and now they poor sheep have fly strike... can't win...
ho hum...


  1. love the photos - your strippy quilt is going to look great and Joe is just too cute!

  2. Great idea with the strips... the quilts will look lovely when your boxes are empty?????

  3. LOve the quilt pieces when you finally put them together they will be great, sorry it is a yukky time for the sheep and the dingoes are quite scary when hungry and looking for prey,I guess it is survial of the fittest,I am thinking you did not get your parcel for the colour swap if not can you let me know as I posted it on 14/3...I will make you up another if it did not arrive,have a lovely day xx

  4. Your Mexican rose look great. wonder if it would grow here with my bore water??
    I like the idea of the ice cream containers. I just throw my all into a box. I make QAYG blocks for JanMac out of them.
    Joe is growing fast.
    Life on the station is a lot of hard work.

  5. Hello Tarnyia,

    Your floral display is stunning, I can see why the Butterfly's love it.
    Good idea using those ice-cream containers for your colour coded scraps. Just one question do the brown ones go in the chocolate ice-cream container?
    Joe is growing up fast.
    Happy days.