Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bits and Pieces...
Once again it has been a little while but I do have a good excuse... 
about 7 weeks ago I had terrible chest pains while sitting here in my sewing room doing a little hand sewing which scared the absolute living ^%$# out of me...
So this week I had to go to hospital to have an Angiogram and OMG are they horrible I would rather of had another baby than go through that.......... but in saying that there were no blockages but my heart decided it didn't like it to much either and I can say my life didn't pass by me it just felt very peaceful... I have one more test to have in a couple of weeks to check my cholesterol... the reason the Cardiologist is being very thorough is that I have a HUGE family history of heart disease around me ... 7 family members... so he is pretty concerned to get this sorted as to why I had the chest pains... I myself have lost 7kgs and have a fair few more to go best to get things in place to slow the disease process down...
we have 6 new baby lambs that have been added to the house paddock pets
all girls
 this one is called Betty as her mum is Brooke and she is named after our eldest daughters boyfriend (his last name is Betty)
This is my replacement block for block 6 of Little Miss Shabby... sheep as I live on a sheep station...
 and block 9 all done...
 and 2 wonderful friend have made me little pressies...
this pin cushion is done by a friend who 
''doesn't do hand sewing at all as she has a sewing machine why hand sew''
it is beautiful... 
I love cross stitch but do not do it myself...
 and this pin cushion
was made by a friend who is traveling around Australia and she delivered it herself...
you can't see the bottom very well it is blue and how about that lime my absolute favourite colour and the beads are lime as well hahahaha...
these pin cushion are so gorgeous I don't want to use them...


  1. Do take care Tarnyia and I hope there are no problems going on with your heart. (((Hugs)))) and love your little lambs :) Hugs Vicki x

  2. Gorgeous pin cushions, and lovely little lambs but most of all good luck with all the tests and the weight loss. Thinking of you!

  3. Crikey! look after yourself Tarnyia, love your stitching and lambikins.

  4. Hi Tarnyia..I had a scare like this myself a few months ago and they said it wasn't a heart attack either. All the best with everything! Have a good weekend too.

  5. So scary Tarnyia... I hope everything will be okay. Sounds like you have a good cardiologist to keep an eye on you. Your quilt blocks are cute.

  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Tarnyia hope you are feeling better soon and that there is nothing seriously wrong,take care,and those little lambs are so cute.oxo

  7. Take good care of your self Tarnyia. Pleased there was nothing serious.
    Oh your stitchery's are coming along beautifully. Love the lambs. Stitched and real.
    Waht thoughtful friends making you gifts.

  8. Oh Tarnyia you poor awful that must have been for you. It's good that you are getting it sorted though. Ilove your new little 'sheepies' and your block is lovely.
    If you will permit me I will send some Reiki to you.
    Blessings and healing to you,
    Michelle xx

  9. Hello Tarnyia,

    Oh that is what happens when you do to much stitching. Hope you are healthier now. Going through medical tests is certainly not fun.
    Take good care.
    Happy days.