Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Finish... Some Swap Mail... Santa Mail
I do wonder how so many days can pass from one post to another and it's not because there is nothing to write or tell you about as there is always something happening around here...
first we had six calves to mark
 as you can see they had plenty of feed in the cattle yards if they were hungry
but I can tell you they were pretty frisky and didn't want to do that or any thing we wanted them to do
 one of the little females just wanted out and tried so hard to do so...
and they are so strong and have grown pretty fast with all the feed they have this year...
 for the month of September at QBSA I have two partners...
Linda wished for the ''blazing arrow' block in blues and white
 and I wished for a red and aqua star or a scrappy spider's web
and Linda chose the star... the photo doesn't do the red fabric justice as it is quite unusual
thank you Linda for being my September partner...
 and for August Dallas was my partner and she sent me this star block...
I love it... Dallas wished for an Autumn tone star block... must find the photo hahahaha
thank you Dallas for my block and for being my August partner...
Santa Sack mail for September arrived from Michelle and Michelle's parcels are in the mail too
oh yeah I did squeeze and sniff but no scratching hehehe
 and these are my ''block lotto's'' for here
this month it was ''crazy fabric'' for the centre...
and I have a finish WOOHOO
#7 off my side bar list
Home Sweet Home from IFQ I think this was a BOM for 2009 or 2008
and I made a change... the block with the sheep and windmill had two birds on it so I move a bird to the house block
 I felt that the sheep and windmill represent my home better...
 I did all the quilting on my domestic sewing machine most of it was free motion and in the ditch...
 and around the border I decided on free motion gum trees
and geez that took me a while...
but I am really happy with the look and so glad to be able to take a finish off my list...


  1. I always enjoy reading what is happening on the farm and I love your finished quilt - just gorgeous! next year I am promising my self a BOM. This year I have been too busy.

  2. Its great to read what is going on with things around the farm. Lots happening and I love your quilt...its really lovely. Job well done! Hugs Vicki x

  3. well done Tarnyia,love your quilt

  4. Your quilt looks lovely Tarnyia. It was the 2008 IFQ BOM. The 2009 one was the Starry Sensations. I did that one. You must be very pleased with your Home Sweet Home!

  5. Your quilt is fabulous, I love the colours you've used and the sheep and windmill.

  6. You sure are busy with all your projects including the cows.
    I love your BOM finish. Colours are lovely and your FMQ quilting is really great.

  7. Your IFQ Bom is really beautiful, love the colours and free motion quilting. Congrats ! Mine is still in blocks...:(

  8. Hello Tarnyia,

    Ooh I love your finished quilt,so glad you adapted to your life.The cattle certainly have got plenty of feed up your way.
    Happy days.

  9. I love your "Home sweet Home" quilt and you have done such a fab job of quilting. You certainly have a busy life on the property and I guess there is always something needs doing..... I hope there isn't too much squishing going on there.

  10. Your quilt is gorgeous, I love the free motion gum leaves, they add the perfect Aussie country touch.
    Gorgeous cows too.