Monday, September 26, 2011

They Are Mad...
Yesterday we had the Australian Safari Race come through the bottom of our place so we went and set up with the billy and some fruit and waited...

 there were motorbikes and quad bikes and a couple of times as they were coming down the fence line we didn't think they were going to turn and come straight for us hahahaha...
we came home around lunchtime then heard the helicopter come past here not long after heading towards Meekatharra to the hospital... we heard that someone came off their motorbike and broke his collar bone...
mad mad mad
 and the cotton bush looks fantastic out there...
and look
sew a long this one is for Christmas...
sew happy me is where you will find the patterns which will appear each Friday for the next 8 weeks...


  1. Nice to have so much excitement happening nearby but I bet it's nice when the dust settles and peace reigns too.

  2. They are mad, my son and husband are dirt motorbike riders...thankfully hubby is getting too old for too many hairy rides now.

  3. OMG.. how exciting to see!
    It was very nice of you to do that too!.. but I bet you got covered in!
    Anyways glad to hear you are sorting out you health issue.
    Fingers crossed.. it was just GaS!!!
    wink wink :)

  4. what excitment and thankyou for thumbs with the link i will go and check it out.

  5. Something exciting on the property to sit and watch. Folk drives for miles to see it.
    Yes I joined in that Sew Along. Nearly finihsed the first block.

    Oh did the pattern come through to you??

  6. Hello Tarnyia,

    Love the bush in bloom. I agree with you Totally Mad. We actually had a weekend when we didn't have motorbikes screaming in the paddock across the road. Now I know where they went.
    Happy stitching.