Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Have Joined This...
You can find it here
just scroll down until you find it... it is one of those ''no obligations or deadlines'' so go check it out...
I am going top use my Amy Butler stash with a chocolate homespun for the background...
Hubby and son have headed off to fight a fire on an other station west of here... there are actually two fires not far apart and one has gotten away over night... if they join there is going to be on hell of a front to try and contain... it is overcast so hoping for some rain to help and not storms with lightening in it as these were started by lightening strikes...


  1. Hope everything will be okay and that you husband and son stay safe. Looking forward to your starry quilt!

  2. I am praying for rain for you, but NO lighting. Hope your family is safe.
    Hugs Tanya

  3. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Thinking of you all and praying for a safe outcome and also that the fires dont meet,take care Tarnyia.xx

  4. Hope it is raining your way Tarniya as it is here.
    Thinking of your guys and pray they can contain the fire.

    Thanks for link will check it out.

  5. thinking of you - hope the fire can be contained! Keep us posted.

  6. enjoy the starry quilt... should be fun... hope your men get home soon and those fires are put out... thinking of you...