Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Yuck and BooHoo...

Yep got the flu ''AGAIN''... 
hubby has too and that's where I got it but he is quite ill with his...
 last night he slept on the recliner after he woke at 11pm coughing and not being able to stop...
the other morning when I couldn't sleep due to a very sore throat
this is what I saw

 it was such a huge ball of orange
 all the sky around was so bright and different shades of orange
quite spectacular...
some sewing for Aussie Hero's this months BOM is and hourglass
there is a PDF and it is a larger block and quite easy to do...
so if you want to jump in and help go over to Aussie Hero's 
to see all the different ways that you can...


  1. Oh NOOOOO! I know how you feel... hubby and I left home to head into some heat to get rid of ours once and for all.
    Fingers crossed it goes quickly for you two.. xxx :)

  2. You poor things. Get better soon. Your photos are a bit special...gorgeous!

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    hope you and hubby get better soon Tarnyia.xx

  4. I know where you're coming from, I've had 3 colds and the flu this winter and I'm still coughing. Its driving me nuts! Hope you are both feeling much better soon.

  5. Hope you both get well soon.

    The Sunrise looks great...

    Will check out the new block Tarniya.. Pleased Jan-Maree has a bigger one at last....

  6. Hope you both get better soon. Kisses

  7. Oh Tarnyia, I hope you are both better soon, winter is over and flu needs to be left behind for another year!

  8. Great post title Tarnyia, so sorry to read of you not being well - again... I wish you a speedy recovery