Friday, September 07, 2012

This Week...

I have been sewing aprons and catching up with some block swaps...
firstly some aprons to share with my girls
 six to be exact and all different... 
do you think I might pinch the green ones for me???
 My block to my September partner in the Aussie Block Swap group...
 my mug rug that I received from partner Jan over here
the theme for August was embroidery... 
it is just beautiful thank you Jan ...
 this parcel that is heading its way to my swap partner in the Spring Swap with a private group
 and this is what I got from my partner in the Spring Swap
 gorgeous scarf, coasters, very cute 2 1/2 in Vintage Modern squares
lavender sachet that smells so wonderful especially when the parcel was opened...
 a gorgeous wall hanging in my fave lime green
love it all... thank you Michelle
these are my Lotto Blocks for this month
the theme is Chickens and Roosters with a red border to mach their combs...
I won last months blocks and that theme was orange and grey...


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Boy you have been busy Tarnyia,yep grab the green ones,no-one will notice,hopefully,lol.Love your parcel from Michelle.xx

  2. The aprons look great hanging in the tree. LOL you do love green....

    Nice Spring Swap gifts you received..
    Nice Jacob's Ladder Block.

    Love the Chicken and Rooster Blocks ,good luck in the Block Lotto.

  3. Your Aprons look Great...lovely swap Goodies..Well Done.

  4. Wow, goodies in and goodies out. you are a busy girl.

  5. I was captivated by the picture of your gorgeous aprons hanging in the tree..lovely!

  6. Glad it arrived safe and sound and it was such fun to have you as my partner again. Lovely one will know if there is a couple missing... I won't tell! Lovely mug rug and gifties you received as well.

  7. Lovely seeing all the aprons swinging in the breeze... great gifts.. the mug rug is wonderful... Mr postie loves you this week...

  8. You have been very busy!! Love the aprons swaying on the tree branches :) Barb.

  9. love the wall hanging you have receieved and the aprons look great.