Monday, February 01, 2010

TaDa.... Finished
My first attempt at ''colourque''.... I am sure I will improve over time once I get used to using different attempts at pressure while using the coloured pencils and using the little brush to apply the medium to fuse the colouring in....
A closer look... I do think it is quite cute really....

My friend loved her oven mitts.... but............ they are not thick enough for the big heavy bread baking trays... she is using them for the cake tins though.... so back to the drawing board and I must get some of that heat resistant stuff ''insulbrite'' I think it is?
I am having so much trouble with my Internet server... most of the time we aren't connected or it drops out while on line... I have been onto the ''telecommunications Ombudsman'' as I have put around 30 complaints in with no satisfaction... and Active8 say ''do this do that pull this out disconnect that'' and you get a different person each time with no help at all... ''call us if you still have problems''... so over calling them!!!!!!!!!! Apparently they have until this Friday to act and if I get ''no action'' then I am to ring the Ombudsman on Monday and let them know... and the real pain is that we are paying for this service???? Not good enough.....
Luv T xxx


  1. satellite internet is so crappy compared to what you can get in the cities..........

  2. Beautiful finish !
    I agree with Chookyblue...It's the same everywhere !

  3. It looks great you did good
    keep fighting this internet runaround T and hold back on payment until it is fixed

  4. I'll bet they take it out automatically from your credit card too, so there's no way to stop payment if u get no service. But the colourique wall hanging looks really nice, T!