Monday, February 22, 2010

A Mother's Day Gift and a Block
My local Craft Group are running a raffle this year for Mother's Day... We have a washing basket and between now and the 9th May we have the challenge of filling it with ''handmade gifts and things we think someone special (Mum) would like"... Last week I made four pot holders ... but forgot to take a photo before I took them to town... oops... this week I have made a cover for a A4 paper file....
This is so sweet and I can see that I will be making some more for friends or family... it was quick and easy once the hand embroidery was finished... you will find the pattern in ''Australian Homespun No.45 Vol 8.2
You could make this for any occasion and personalise it with the recipients name... inside the cover are pockets in front and back... the front inside has a hand embroidered piece that says ''this book belongs to''... the only thing I did have trouble with was the binding... it says to cut strips 1 1/4 in and fold in half... I would do a 2 inch strip... I had mine already cut so I just modified mine to fit...
An Olympic Snowman???
The second block in the BunnyHill Bom for this year... I am using different light blue backgrounds for all my blocks... I thought this snowman was quite appropriate seeing it is the Winter Olympics happening at the moment... I have really enjoyed watching them so different seeing all that snow and watching the kids play snow angels in the background...
I still have my toothache and popping painkillers... bring on the 8th March to see the dentist... such a pain living so far away from medical treatment... trying not to chew that side is a feat and trying to think of thinks to eat that don't take a lot of chewing is hard... especially when there is two of you to cook for............
Luv T xxx


  1. I'm loving the A4 cover, just gorgeous!!!

    Jodie :)

  2. Oh Tarnyia, you poor thing! plenty of crafty things to take your mind off that nasty toothache! I'm off to look for the pattern for the A4 paper've done such a great job!...and your downhill snowman is just perfect!!!
    take care, plenty of hugs sending your way!!!
    XX Wendy :O)

  3. Love the A4 cover Tarnyia the snowman looks great too

    Hugs Val

  4. That is one great idea, T! And verry nicely executed. Here's hoping the painkillers keep the tooth happy until dentist day.

  5. Hello Tarnyia, Have you got access to Cloves apparently this helps numb the area. Good luck with the dentist. Hope that clothes basket gets filled with goodies,certainly a great prize to win. Happy days.

  6. Your book cover is so beautiful. Hope your days fly by quickly until you can get some relief for your tooth. No fun.