Friday, February 05, 2010

Today I Was Out The Bush...
This is me driving behind the truck on our way out the bush to some trap yards that are set up to trap goats at some windmills... very dusty road this was but it got worst when we got off the main road onto the windmill run road...
Didn't see any wild life around and it was windy as well
This is a lake that we drove through... yep empty and dry... you can see the bank in the distance with the row of trees around

The goats all trapped in... once sorted into billies, nannies and outies we got about 50 sized goats from the mill..... outies are the ones we let go as they are either to small, very pregnant or have weeny babies...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm funny looking goat!!!!
mmmmmm more funny looking goats!!!
Some of the wildlife that was looking on as we were working..
Pink and grey Galahs...
I tried to get really close for this photo but the kept flying off... up and down the guide wires of the windmill tower were about 100 Zebra Finches... they are so cute...

And This Dropped By....
Just as we were about to leave the big fella dropped by for a drink....
He was very big and very fat Bungarra and he let me get quite close for a photo...
Luv T xxx


  1. Aaaaargh, what is this last animal ? Never see something like that !!!

  2. good the pics of the goanna........went to the windmill with dh a few weeks ago and while there we had 2 black snakes and a goanna........

  3. Loved your photos Tarnyia and I really laughed at the funny looking goats hehehehe. That Bungarra is huge!! I have not ever seen one in real life that big.
    I remember when I was a little girl my dad had an avairy of Zebra finches and I didnt like to see them in the cage so let them out. I was not popular! hehehe. Even today I dont like to see caged birds. Thanks for showing the photos. hugs

  4. Holy birdeggs Batman! That has to be one of the biggest goannas I have seen in a long while, T! And I remember the birdlife out West Qld...something like yours. Good memories!

  5. Thank you for the insight into your working life Tarnyia love the funny looking goat,hahahathat goanna is "HUGE" we have tiny little lizards here that the family cat enjoys bringing in as agift for the one who feeds him I am used to hanfling them now and taking them out to a safe place

  6. Hello Tarnyia,Enjoyed looking at your work,love that Bungarra, we have the smaller black variety. One was in the gutter on the roof the other day. "Happy Monday"