Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Block and a Finish...
Geez bloggerland has been a pain to get into these last few days... is anyone else having trouble?? I have tried most of this week to put a post up!!!!
I finished Vicki's 2nd ''flirting with flowers'' block... very sweet Vicki and thank you for the free patterns also... If you head over to Vicki's blog you will see she has posted a few more finished blocks from other girls... they are all different and all wonderful..
I had these four blocks left over from a memory quilt I did for a friends 40th birthday... they have been hanging over the back of my chair for months and months since I dug them out... wondering what to do with them......... so I sewed them together and they sat there for more months hahahahahaha
Then I was surfing around blogland and was checking out Bev's place at Kainga Happenings and the first thing you see is the big beautiful sunflower... so and idea is formed... not that my flowers that are machine appliqued on look anything like a sunflower...
Now those four spare squares are a table topper and I think that it looks quiet good and I am so glad that it is not still hanging over my chair.... into the box of finished projects it goes ready for some one's birthday or Christmas pressie or just because....
I machine shadow quilted around the flowers then stippled everywhere using a variegated thread...
It has been very hot here again... yesterday while in town my car was telling me the outside temp was 46.......... yep hot....... plenty of cloud around but no rain
Luv T xxx


  1. Hello Tarnyia, so glad the sunflowers inspired you to finish the project off. Roll on Autumn I say.

  2. I love this quilt, beautiful finish !

  3. The block looks great Tarnyia :) and the flowers look fabulous with the shadow quilting :)

  4. Hi Tarnyia, and I thought it was only me!!! I have been having such trouble with blogger too but the computer man was over today and we think it might have something to do with the updates of Internet Explorer. He's downloaded Mozilla onto my computer and seems to be working fine now!!! Computers.... aaaaaaargh!!!!!
    I finished my flirty block yesterday..a little different colouring to yours, and your quilt....yummo...great job, Girl!!!!
    XX sugary hugs. Wendy :O)

  5. Hi Tarnyia Love the quilt the flowers look beat me to it again with the flirting blocks ha!ha!ha! I just need to embroider my 2nd one then its finished I hope you get rain soon
    Hugs Val xx

  6. Very, very nice.