Monday, February 04, 2013

A Bit Embarrassing...

Why you ask... well we have done no work in our vegie/fruit garden for the past couple of years as we were/are selling but after having nothing fresh to eat from our garden and no jam making happening we have had enough and if the sale goes through the new owners will have a vegie garden...
so yesterday Hubby worked most of the day in there chopping out bushes and he took away 3 trailer loads so far... (he takes it out the bush and dumps it in the paddocks so that bush seed gets caught in it and when it rains it will germinate new bush growth there)
 this morning before the heat I spent 2 hours raking, chopping, turning and pulling...
compost bins all tidy 
 tyre beds all deweeded and turned ready for some sheep poo
 a couple of weeks ago we had some awful hot days 48 to 50 degrees
well the lemon tree didn't like it at all and dropped some of the fruit and leave...
 the lime did the same
 hubby has removed the two over grown bushes from here 
and this will be the next area to be worked on
 then these two beds
 dirty old feet and my lime nail polish is covered up


  1. I bet you feel good now that all that hard work is done!

  2. Very hard hot work...well done. How long until the big day.

  3. Great work. I don't blame your lemon and lime tree for dropping their leaves and fruit. I lose the plot a bit when it gets to 45 degrees!

  4. Hello Tarnyia,

    Great job on the garden. You are blessed with great soil and manure, you lucky duck. Hope you enjoy the fruit of your labours.

    Happy days.

  5. I hope you get lots of lovely fresh vegies soon after all the hard work.....

  6. big job... that heat was just too much for gardens and hopefully the cooler weather will do it all good..... (I have to ask if this was done in bra and knickers????)