Monday, February 18, 2013


Look at all these blowing in the breeze
 and would you like to know how old they are?
these belonged to my MIL and they were used on my hubby
and he is going to be 55 this July...
I used them for all three of mine plus others I purchased...
when our eldest was born
I had disposables for the long trip home
she decided that she would have an allergic reaction to them 
so they never touched her wee bum again after that...
I have soaked these overnight and they have come up just beautifully
some of them are still in remarkable condition even though they wont be used as nappies
some will stay whole and some of them are going to be turned into burp cloths...
there will be two piles one for the grandie that is coming
another pile for our eldest daughter to put away... 


  1. What a great story to go with these burb cloths. I purchased some too to do the same with them! But no story with mine :(
    Great joy in your future... :)

  2. Hello Tarnyia,

    I used to love hanging out nappies. I still have a packet un-opened in the cupboard. I gave my nappies to the local women's refuge many years ago.You could make a teddy bear out of some of the nappies and embroider it.

    Happy days.

  3. they made them well then.... so long since I have seen nappies on a line.... nostalgia???? the burp cloths will be lovely...

  4. I used cloth nappies for both my boys too. I saved the disposables for going out and night time and used cloth for everything else. Then they went on to become handy cloths for all sorts of cleanups. Sadly they are all gone now, such useful things!

  5. Ah!!!! That brings back memories of nappies hanging on the line with the red dust all around...
    I lived in Boulder when my youngest was born...
    I just love to see nappies blowing in the breeze..

  6. Anonymous12:25 PM

    what a amazing story.xx