Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's A ...............

 sorry for some reason it wont rotate for me...
but you can see he is waving to us all...
 look at what has come out of the shed...
 my Dad made the cradle when we had our first baby 27 years ago
and Hubby has been refurbishing it ready for the first of our Grandies to arrive
it has come up beautifully just like when it was first used...
 and because it is custom made we had to get a new mattress made for it too
 and that meant new sheets too...
so I tried my hand at fitted sheets
and I must say they came up quite ok...
Hubby is going to take it down to the expecting couple next week


  1. Congratulations, new babies are such a delight, we are expecting one any day now

  2. What a beautiful cradle to hand down to your new Grandson..
    Love the new sheets you have made for it..

  3. I am so happy for you. Some fun times ahead. Your cradle is adorable. What a special treasure.

  4. The cradle is GoRGeouS!!!! What a beautiful hand me down! Talent obviously runs in the family. Your Dad did a wonderful job on it. I find out soon what my first gandie will be. It's SOoOOOoo exciting isn't it! :)

  5. Wonderful post !

  6. That cradle is adorable and the new sheets are great too. How exciting to have a grandie on the way.

  7. How exciting for you all. That cradle is beautiful. How special that it is being passed down the generations.

  8. Oh wonderful.. those first pictures are so fun and it is all so exciting.... love the baby cradle... how special....

  9. wow congrats Tarnyia thats wonderful news,and that cradle is awesome and what special memories using this again,its really special what a clever dad you have Tarnyia.xx

  10. What a lovely cradle! Congratulations on the soon to be new arrival! :0)

  11. Your dad had talent. That is outstanding. Congratulations.